Author Interview

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Barbara Burke

Specializing in writing modern business fables packed with ancient wisdom 


Q. Who do you think would benefit the most from reading your book?

A. It’s an ideal book for anyone looking for practical ways to handle the inevitable ups and downs of life more easily.

As much as I’d like to take credit for the ideas in the book, I really can’t. What I’ve done is repackaged ancient wisdom for a modern audience. The concepts, the teaching stories in the books, and the basic philosophy are all from the Buddhist tradition – stuff that’s been road-tested over the last 2500 years.

In my work as an organizational consultant I see the deleterious effect, the cumulative impact, that unrelenting change has on employee morale and stress levels. What’s most exciting for me is how the book is used as a tool by leaders in corporations and organizations to help employees develop the resiliency skills they need to thrive, not just survive.

This book can help corporate change initiatives succeed by combating employee change fatigue. Employees are tasked with implementing changes. It’s part of their job. But, when faced with too much change, for too long, employees get exhausted and shut down. In fact, employee change fatigue is sighted as a major reason 60% -70% of major change initiatives end up failing.

To help readers get the most from the book, I created a free Study & Discussion Guide. Leaders can use the material to facilitate productive discussions with their employees about better ways to handle change at work and in life. Individuals can use the same materials as a self-study tool. The free Study & Discussion Guide (PDF) is available to download.

Q. What’s this book, The Monkey, the Moon & Maybe, about?

A. The lessons in this book address our most daunting challenge – constant change. While we manage to take small changes in our stride, when we’re blindsided by a big change, a catastrophic event that could alter our life forever, we have a hard time recovering. That’s where resilience comes in. This book teaches readers how to bounce back from a life-changing event and move on.

In The Monkey, the Moon & Maybe, we catch up with Olivia, the main character, four years after the end of the first story, The Napkin, the Melon & the Monkey. She is a successful mid-level manager whose perfect life and prospects for a bright future are shattered when the CEO of her company announces a major merger. The prospect of losing the best job she ever had puts Olivia into an emotional tailspin. Matters go from bad to worse when her team of demoralized service reps turns against her.

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