12 Aha!s for Living Fearlessly

During her transformational journey, Olivia, the main character in The Monkey, the Moon & Maybe added 12 new Aha!s to her original list of 22 Aha!s from the first story, The Napkin, the Melon & the Monkey.


Aha! #23 — Life is full of surprises. Expect the unexpected.

Aha! #24 — It’s not enough to say you are sorry. Sometimes you actually have to change.

Aha! #25 — No matter where you go there you are.

Aha! #26 — Life is messy. (It’s supposed to be.)

Aha! #27 — React or respond. You decide.

Aha! #28 — We all have inner wisdom. A true friend helps us find it.

Aha! #29 — Sometimes learning is remembering what you already know.

Aha! #30 — Courage is being scared to death and doing it anyway.

Aha! #31– Barn’s burnt down. Now I can see the moon.

Aha! #32 — The real disaster is the loss of hope.

Aha! #33 — The most important thing is to remember the most important thing.

Aha! #34 — Right now. Right here. I’m okay.